E-commerce Operations

E-commerce Operations

We facilitate live e-commerce activities on Chinese social media platforms, enabling face-to-face communication with users to boost sales.

Why Conduct Live Streaming in China?

Currently, China is experiencing a live streaming boom. E-commerce live streaming events are heavily supported by platforms, and numerous brands have seen significant sales growth through these activities.

Live Streaming Introduction

Live Streaming Service Process

  • Customization of Plan

    Customization of Plan

    Tailor your brand image and confirm the style of the brand’s live stream.

  • Product Selection

    Product Selection

    Assist with product selection and customize product communication strategies.

  • Pre-Live Warm-up

    Pre-Live Warm-up

    Create live stream previews and use marketing strategies to attract interested users.

  • Live Setup

    Live Setup

    Build the brand’s live streaming setup and prepare the live streaming process plan.

  • Long-Tail Operations

    Long-Tail Operations

    Produce live stream replays, content segments, and reviews of best-selling products.

ACT Marketing Model

This is WSD‘s proprietary marketing model designed to address the challenges of marketing on China’s popular social media platforms.

Service Process

  • Marketing Consultation

    Marketing Consultation

    Gain expert advice to align your marketing efforts with local insights.

  • Creative Strategy

    Creative Strategy

    Develop innovative approaches tailored to your brand’s unique needs.

  • Deployment Specifications

    Deployment Specifications

    Set clear parameters for how campaigns are executed.

  • Content Creation

    Content Creation

    Produce engaging and relevant content for your target audience.

  • Project Implementation

    Project Implementation

    Efficiently roll out marketing campaigns on the ground.

  • Project Review

    Project Review

    Analyze the outcomes and gather insights post-implementation.

  • Methodology Consolidation

    Methodology Consolidation

    Refine and document the processes for future use.

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